Thursday, February 14, 2008

White Bean Soup, with Smoked Shoulder and Kale

Okay, so on sunday I made the wife and I a smoked shoulder (it's like a ham, but cheaper, and more difficult to carve), it was good, albeit a bit salty...but my true intentions were for the the BONE!

Shoulders come with a big honking bone, with clingy meat on it that is perfect for making soup. My wife and I decided that a white bean and kale soup would fit the bill perfectly for an application of the bone (kinda sounds dirty, don't it!).

Kale has been my veggie of choice lately, it stays firm and turgid (agian with the dirt, perverts) despite the most intense cooking conditions, it has the 'green' flavor that my body craves, and I like how it holds it's shape (unlike spinach) when used in dishes, as you can count on it's curly edges to provide tension to a composition.

I sauteed celery, carots and onion until soft, adding bay leaf and red pepper flake (while cooking the beans on the side with a rough chopped clump of the same), added garlic then deglazed with white wine. Then added the shoulder bone (extra meat removed), plus a secret ingredient, leftover Parmesan rinds...this adds such a nutty flavor to soup...try it and come back to me, and simmered for about 2 hours. Lastly added the meat and some fresh parsley to finish. It's a solid soup friends. Here's some video of the process


Dr. Monkey Von Monkerstein said...

Cool kitchen and that soup looks great! Although it gave me gas just looking at it.

I'm afraid of kale because it is so tough. I know I should eat more of it and green in general because the people in Crete eat greens at every meal and they live to a ripe old age.

That kid of yours is awesome. I can't wait till he starts his own blog one day.

Dr. Zaius said...

Videos of turgid kale? And your infant son was in the room! You should be ashamed of yourself!

Devilham said...

He's a toddler now Dr. Zaius, he's mature enough to see turgid kale.