Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Understatement of the century

From Department of Homeland Security Undersecretary Jay Cohen

"There’s no idea so asinine that this administration won’t give it serious consideration"

Or even just go ahead and do.
Hat tip to Sadly, No! for the quote, check out the site if you haven't, it's always good for a laugh (while weeping on the inside of course).

Saturday, April 19, 2008

Wow! What a day!

What a buetiful day we are having here in Boston (please, never call it beantown, no one who lives here calls it that, and no resteraunt serves baked beans), the sun is out, it's about 68 degrees and there's just a light breeze to keep what little clouds in the sky moving. The little guy crossed a couple of milestones today, and I must say he usually does those on the days that I am home, so this whole working 6 days a week thing was stunting his developement, it needed to end! First, last week, when my wife was away for the weekend, I got him to use and then MASTER, his sippy-cup. Now this week, not only did he hold my hand (something he wouldn't do previously) and walk calmly up and down my street, but then when we got back in the house for lunch, my big boy grabbed his spoon himself and was feeding himself with utensils. I am very proud today people, very proud. And to my wife? IN YOUR FACE!!! Just kidding, but it does seem I get all the cool milestones!

Friday, April 18, 2008

Don't wait up for me

Tonight is my first friday night off in four months, so don't keep the light on for me, I am going to the pub. Already called up some of my boys and we'll be hitting the Jeannie Jonston (a pub I used to cook for) in Jamaica Plain for beers and shots of whiskey. Please ignore any incoherent ravings if posted later on this evening.

Saturday, April 12, 2008

My long dark personal nightmare is over!

Yes! It's my last Saturday that I have to work, these six day weeks have been brutal, and I am very excited to be done with them. My wife is going away for this weekend so it's just me and the little guy, it's just to bad that the weather is not going to cooperate for us, or else we would do something fun. The Franklin Park Zoo (the metro Boston area's largest, and maybe only, zoo) is actually within walking distance of our house, well, a long walk, but totally doable if the weather is nice, and I plan on taking Nate there at least once this year, if not more. My work also provides free tickets to The New England Aquarium (also very accessible via public transportation) and the Children's Museum, so I am looking very forward to some Little Guy time over the next few months. And speaking of museums, coincidentally enough, the day care providers who watch my little friend when I work on Saturdays just called me AS I TYPED THIS POST. They asked if they could take the kids (there are only three of them in my works day care facility today) to the Science Museum, which is literally right around the corner from my firm. I tell you, that little scamp is going to be cultured like a pearl by the end of the summer.

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Good lord, the pizza is right!!!

Wow, except for the conservative comment, this pizza seems to know me!

What Your Pizza Reveals

Your appetite is pretty average. You don't go overboard - but you don't deprive yourself either.

You are a very picky pizza eater. Not any pizza will do. You fit in best in the Northeast part of the US.

You like food that's traditional and well crafted. You aren't impressed with "gourmet" foods.

You are dependable, loyal, and conservative with your choices.

You are definitely unique and artistically inclined. You should consider traveling to Prague.

The stereotype that best fits you is stoner. You're a little wacky in the head, even if you don't touch drugs.