Saturday, April 12, 2008

My long dark personal nightmare is over!

Yes! It's my last Saturday that I have to work, these six day weeks have been brutal, and I am very excited to be done with them. My wife is going away for this weekend so it's just me and the little guy, it's just to bad that the weather is not going to cooperate for us, or else we would do something fun. The Franklin Park Zoo (the metro Boston area's largest, and maybe only, zoo) is actually within walking distance of our house, well, a long walk, but totally doable if the weather is nice, and I plan on taking Nate there at least once this year, if not more. My work also provides free tickets to The New England Aquarium (also very accessible via public transportation) and the Children's Museum, so I am looking very forward to some Little Guy time over the next few months. And speaking of museums, coincidentally enough, the day care providers who watch my little friend when I work on Saturdays just called me AS I TYPED THIS POST. They asked if they could take the kids (there are only three of them in my works day care facility today) to the Science Museum, which is literally right around the corner from my firm. I tell you, that little scamp is going to be cultured like a pearl by the end of the summer.

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GETkristiLOVE said...

Cultured like a pearl, that's a good one!