Friday, April 30, 2010

Pastrami! Part Three!

6 1/2 hours later (it took longer than I thought, but I couldn't get it to temp), and this is the finsished product. Now I let it rest overnight.....

UPDATE: Not looking good, preliminary tasting seems too salty, but will wait til tomorrow for a full report.

Pastrami! Part Duex

Okay, here is the culprit after he spent the night in a mustard and rub jacket. I am heating the grill up to 215 degrees F., and getting ready to start smoking this bad boy!

Thursday, April 29, 2010


Okay, going to try something new this BBQ season, home made pastrami. For this experiment (I will be updating this post for the next couple of days with the progress), I am going to use a flat cut,red, corned beef brisket (trimmed). A little research (and a failed experiment last week that left me with 4lbs of inedible hyper-salty brisket) suggests that on this, day one, I should soak the meat in cold water, 2 hours per pound, changing the water at the end of each 2 hour cycle. So for today, I have done just that.

Next, in preperation for tomorrows smoking, I have prepared a pastrami rub. It is as follows.

4 tbls of freshly ground black pepper

2 tbls of freshly ground coriander seed
1 tbls of brown sugar
1 tspn of garlic powder
1 tspn of paprika

mixed thoroughly and stored in a dry, dark space (light can kill the flavor of dried spices).

Check back in with me tomorrow,for pictures of the smoking!