Friday, October 31, 2008

I'm moving on UP!!!!

Well, it happened. I worked hard all year, and really turned up the juice these last 3 months. I am now officially Lower Management. That's not upper management or even middle management. Lower.

Just kidding (about the self deprecating tone), I am thrilled that I got this promotion. My vacation time has just doubled from 2 weeks a year to 4, and I get an added $5000 to my yearly salary....quite the trick in this economy.

I have been promised more work (that' to be expected), but that's cool too....I'm the sort of guy who thrives on lots of work and more responsibility. So hurray for me my friends!!!!

Wow, now if Obama wins (and really, how could he not) on Tuesday, this could turn out to be quite the banner year for the Devilham family.


Thursday, October 9, 2008

Aww hell......

Well, I spoke too soon. First, some backround story.

Last monday I came in to work (as you'll remember, I've been super busy rolling out laptops for a host of new hires starting this next Tuesday) and was told that one of our partners had her laptop stolen. Crap, right in the middle of all this business, I have to drop everything and build out a new machine for this idiot who left it in her car overnight...hell I would of stole it if I saw it out there.

That's not the half of it though, turns out lately my firm has been (and rightfully so, IT has been on these guys about this for years)freaking out about security. State law has changed since some high profile identity theft cases have emerged in the New England area, and when a machine is stolen, full disclosure must be given to our clients, and their credit has to be insured at our expense. This is big money folks.

Long story short, in order to insure that all client data is to be removed from all portable devices, I have to image (wipe the hard drive, and then overwrite it with a new operating system and software) and then rebuild every, single, motherfucking laptop in the firm. That's 125 odd devices. Please just shoot me now.

Oh, did I mention I have to have it done by the 31st of October?

I start on Wednsday, and am expected (the people have already been scheduled, I have no choice in the matter) to build out 10 machines a day. I average one and half normally. This is gonna be awesome.

Ah well, I better get that promotion, for reals.

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

I been working hard, but it looks like it's about to pay off

As some of you have noticed (the two people left who check this blog out), I have been very busy with work, and posting has been light. I have been in the center of a big push to expand our company, and as the sole IT person, or at least IT grunt, there's management still, I have taken on a great deal of extra work and responsibility. It looks like this might work in my favor though, as first, today I finished the largest part of this project, and am ready to roll out all the new machines on tuesday...a huge burden off of my workload. Secondly, my supervisor has been very pleased with my work, and the way I've handled our department being shorthanded (not freaking out, just pressing on and making it happen, like I used to do when we got in the weeds when I was a can't panic, you just have to do it). There is talk of a promotion....I am not the 'climb the corporate ladder type' mind you, but this would entail two extra weeks of vacation a year, and a cut down on the amount of six day work weeks in the winter.....and that my friends, is worth the price of admission. It's been a tough couple of months, but I'm almost through it, and it looks like I'm gonna get rewarded.

Hell, even if I don't get the promotion, I can still expect a raise, and since I'll have been there for 5 years now, that means one extra week of vacation, and that counts for something!