Thursday, October 9, 2008

Aww hell......

Well, I spoke too soon. First, some backround story.

Last monday I came in to work (as you'll remember, I've been super busy rolling out laptops for a host of new hires starting this next Tuesday) and was told that one of our partners had her laptop stolen. Crap, right in the middle of all this business, I have to drop everything and build out a new machine for this idiot who left it in her car overnight...hell I would of stole it if I saw it out there.

That's not the half of it though, turns out lately my firm has been (and rightfully so, IT has been on these guys about this for years)freaking out about security. State law has changed since some high profile identity theft cases have emerged in the New England area, and when a machine is stolen, full disclosure must be given to our clients, and their credit has to be insured at our expense. This is big money folks.

Long story short, in order to insure that all client data is to be removed from all portable devices, I have to image (wipe the hard drive, and then overwrite it with a new operating system and software) and then rebuild every, single, motherfucking laptop in the firm. That's 125 odd devices. Please just shoot me now.

Oh, did I mention I have to have it done by the 31st of October?

I start on Wednsday, and am expected (the people have already been scheduled, I have no choice in the matter) to build out 10 machines a day. I average one and half normally. This is gonna be awesome.

Ah well, I better get that promotion, for reals.

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