Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Dr. Teeth and the Electric Mayhem!

So the dentist wasn't so bad...this time. I have to come back and get something called a "scrape and plane" ***shudders*** This involves scraping my teeth below the gum line of all the schmutz (that's a technical dentist term, sorry to bore you with my high tech jargon) that's built up on my teeth and then planing the tooth smooth so as to discourage further buildup. It sounds awful. Pray for me.

So as I left work last night a co-worker flagged me down to give her a hand with a printer that was giving her guff, so I naturally obliged. Well, since I was almost out the door I had my keys in my hand, so when I repaired the printer, I accidentally left my keys on the printer. I left for home.

The lovely young lady who I had helped called me on my cell phone (ever present since the leg incident, seriously) to let me know the fate of my keys, no worries says I, I have a spare set at home, just leave them on my desk, and thanks for the call.

I did have a spare set at home, and my wife and son were also both home yesterday, so it really wasn't that big a deal. Those two were getting ready for a road trip to the cape (Cape Cod, the Irish Riviera, God's own country) to spend a few nights at a friends cottage. We all left the house together, me with my spare keys, those two off for some fun in the sun. My plan was to hit the dentist, come back home, shower, shave, and then off to work. On my return from the tooth man, I walked in my house, put my keys on counter, went to get my mail, AND PROMPTLY LOCKED MYSELF OUT OF THE HOUSE!!!

So I had to go to work in shorts and a T-shirt to get my original set of keys and tell my boss, yeah, I won't make it in today after all. But don't cry for me Argentina, I got a 6 pack of Guinness stout, the house to myself, and even a spot of scotch whiskey to turn this day around. That's me, I'm a glass half full of scotch kinda guy, not half empty.

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