Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Holy crap! This dude is nuts!! UPDATED

Yesterday I posted about the nutty rants of the group America Family Matters. Well, the folks at Sadly, No! have gone and dug up the personal website of the author of the particular diatribe in question. Check it out, it's funny, for sure, but also deeply sad, and a little scary.

UPDATE: Okay, here is a link to the author's website, I think he might want to take a course in HTML or basic web design, it hurts my eyes. Oh, and here's a funny exchange between the fellow and a philosophy professor, I love the ending!

Subject: Re: Norman Gall, A Question
Date: March 26, 2006 5:08:01 PM MST (CA)


I am very grateful for your response, for it is quite clear that you are not very serious about what you are doing.

I wish you luck in whatever psychiatric programme you are undoubtedly undertaking.

Norm Gall

Last but not least, I do think this fellow might be actually a little mentally ill, and that is definately NOT funny, as I have had several friends suffer from a myriad of mental conditions, and it's no picnic to be sure. It's just worrisome when a think tank adopts his rants as sane arguments for policy direction. Stop the insanity!

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