Thursday, July 17, 2008

Ack, been MIA, sorry!

Sorry people, I went MIA for a bit, then went through a "would it be weird if I blogged?" phase, shook that off, then kind of had bloggers block (is that a word?? It should be!), and now I, well, I just felt to ashamed not to post.

Had some vacation last week, mind you it was hot, Africa hot, so it pretty much kept me and Nate (the wife worked) trapped in the house most of the week, but we had fun anyways. Last friday I took the wee man to the New England Aquarium, you should have seen him, he was screaming at the fish he was so excited. Good times.

I have some pictures that I would like to put up here, sadly one of them is the little guy with his wee baby black eye, he hit his head on the corner of the coffee table. Whenever anyone asks me what happened, I just say, you should see the other baby, that usually shuts them up.

That's all for now, apologies for the time away, lets not fight like this again hmm?


Freida Bee said...

I was worrying that you were breaking up after we just met, but then figured that's just the way you are and that's fine.

Glad you had a good vaycay with the bebe. (That was cheezay!)

Devilham said...

Thanks for the Leeway Freida, it's appreciated

Anonymous said...

We were fighting? Jeez, my first blog feud, and I didn't even know it.