Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Pastrami! Recycled!

And here is what seperates the wheat from the chaff. Faced with an unmercifully salty pastrami, and a week worth of dinners to cook, I had a flash of genius. We were set to have fried chicken and collard greens for dinner tonight, a staple of the northe east (snicker), when it struck me.....why use bacon (or a ham hock, or a piece of smoked shoulder for that matter) as the flavor meat for the collards, when a nicy salty hunk o' pastrami could do the same job, and resurect my fallen smoked project from an early grave!!!??!!

It turned out even better than I'd hoped, so good, that I have frozen the remaining pastrami for just such future applications. Pastrami, you have not beaten me yet...I will make you, and it will happen this BBQ season, but damn, you have got to love snatching victory, from the jaws....of defeat!