Sunday, May 2, 2010

Our dystopian present...

Well the fam and I are about to go on a quest for fresh water, as the entire city of Boston, and surrounding towns are on a tap water ban, due to a major breach of a water main. Pray for us, I have packed the shotgun and my pistols, and am prepared to defend ourselves from the water bandits and pirates I am certain to encounter on our quest.

this is really kind of fucked up.

UPDATE: Went to my parents house on the south shore of Ma. and we scored about 15 gallons of water (as the BWC has no ETA on repairs for the water main), but even there, 40 miles south of Boston, the shelves were being cleared, and on the way back, I noticed that traffic jams were up and down the highway heading south. Thank goodness I insisted we go as early as possible!

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