Sunday, September 2, 2007

A hat tip to Whiskeymarie and her Mac & Cheese Recipe!

Just prepped this up for my son's first birthday barbecue, and I must say it's delicious. I took some liberties with the dish (I always do), however, the thing that I took to heart was the American cheese part. It's absolutely necessary, in the past I would use only cheddars, and they melt grainy (especially sharp cheddars) so today I used a mix of American and cheddar (mild as well, we have kids coming over) and it came out lovely. Thanks Whiskeymarie! Your a whiz in the kitchen!

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Whiskeymarie said...

Glad it worked out!
Take it, use it, make it yours...
enjoy it.
Just don't get your cholesterol checked for a week or so- it's for the best, really.