Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Wicked. Pissa.

If you were from Boston, you would know what I was saying!


Pixel said...

Huh? Oh well, where is your join button? Your little guy is cute.
I like your Devilham profile pic :]

Please join me back at
We do Comics, Girls, Sci-fi,and Music. thanks

Devilham said...

Thanks Pixel! Wicked Pissa was a commonly used adjective in the 70's in the Boston area. Growing up around here, if you thought something was really cool, you would refer to it as wicked pissa!

Thanks for the comments on the little man, I love that kid!

Not sure about the 'join' button, is that a feature I could add via blogger?

UrbanFanboy sounds right up my alley, I will check it out....well, I am married, so the girls thing is kinda out, but Sci-fi?? That's my wheelhouse!

esopop01 said...

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