Monday, September 12, 2011

Cooking with little people

The little guy doesn't eat much, it's a source of consternation for us, but try not to make it a "thing", and hope he gets over it soon. One thing he does love though, and loves to make with his Dad is Pizza!!!

I make it with San Marzano tomatoes, and fresh mozzarella, and the basil you see is from my own tasty!!!

The wee fellow even made his own personal pizza! Look at how proud he is down there!


Devilham said...

something weird happening with the photos, part of the HTML is showing for some reason on two of the pics, if anyone even looks at this blog anymore knows why, I would appreciate some help on why this is happening

Dr. MVM said...

Holy crap, he's grown up!

kirby said...

Keep him playing in the kitchen and I promise his tastes will expand. The other night I served up some Swiss chard. My son took one bite and said, "You know this could use a splash of balsamic." He was right.

Oh, how did the first day of school go?

Devilham said...

fantastic!! He loves school.....actual quote...

Mom: "were any of the kids crying when they were dropped off?"

Nate: "Yeah, they wanted their mommies, but I love school, so I didn't cry"

I love that little guy.

I sure do hope so on the taste thing, he loves to cook with his dad (you might see his toy "stove" set up on top of the toaster oven with pans both on the "range top" and in the oven itself! Lol

Devilham said...

Yeah Doc, he's grown like a weed eh? He's still my little guy though.