Thursday, March 6, 2008

Another crazy week, but that's life

Howdy all, sorry for the sporadic posting, work has kept me busy, and now we are hip deep in tax season. This month, and half of next, then I am done, whew!

I have been meaning to post some videos and pictures (and I will), but the video is from our attic, my wife has recently redesigned the upstairs...and I love it.

At first I was resistant to have a "play room" area up there, as it was my place, where I would work on my computers, and do my business, but the reality is this, it was too big a space for that, I was hogging it.

I have a clearly defined office area, which was all I was using anyway, my wife has the same, and ditto on what she was using, and the bulk of it has been replaced with a tv with dvd for Mr. Little Guy, and a toy rollercoaster, and assorted play things. It's wonderful, I can access my machines AND watch the wee man at the same time, so kudos to my wife for seeing past my shortsightedness.